After the resignation of Liz Truss .. British treasury: the financial plan is valid for the end of the month

The UK Treasury has announced that the mini-financial plan will remain in force until the end of the month, despite the resignation of Liz Terrasse, who arrived just six weeks after becoming prime minister.

Liz Truss announced her resignation and held elections next week to choose her successor, after facing one setback after another, which led to the resignation of the interior minister and the latest tumultuous session. in Parliament.

Immediately after his resignation, British Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer has called for a general election “now”.

“In the current situation, I cannot accomplish the task that the Conservative Party has elected me to perform,” he said in front of the Prime Minister’s office in London.

“Therefore, I spoke to His Majesty the King (Charles III) to inform him of my resignation from the Conservative Party presidency”, adding that the process of selecting a successor “will be completed within the next week”.

The Terrace admitted Thursday that it had a “tough day” on Wednesday, but stressed that the government needs to focus its efforts on its priorities. His spokesperson said he wanted the government to focus more on “achieving priorities” and “less on politics”.

On Thursday morning, Teras met with the head of the “1922 Committee” in the Conservative party in charge of internal organization.

Just six weeks after becoming prime minister, Tras was pressured to step down after being forced to cancel a disastrous tax cut plan that caused a market strike in the midst of a major cost-of-living crisis.

Shortly after the announcement of Truss’s resignation, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed hope that Britain “will quickly restore stability”.

In Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Britain “had never suffered one tale disgrace on the part of a prime minister “.


Headlines on Thursday morning unanimously described the situation as “chaos” in the wake of a disastrous session in Westminster that has turned in an “offer market”.

And the newspaper “The Sun” felt that Liz Terrace has become “broken” and “her authority has gone in shattered after a day of total chaos “, noting that” a government is about to collapse before our eyes “.

For its part, the right-wing newspaper “The Times” found that “the prime minister is clinging to power” and quoted a Terrace supporter in the government who said “the decision is final”.

Conservative Party member Ed Vaese said: “The only one via The way out of this mess is that Liz Terrasse resigns and appoints Conservative MPs as the new prime minister. “

The party can avoid a long leadership contest by agreeing on a figure, but Taras has no plans to step down.

Her resignation would pave the way for a rivalry within the Conservative Party that could be reduced if the party’s MPs agreed on an alternative to her, otherwise MPs could join ranks to put their trust back. in she.

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The new demands for resignation came following the resignation of Interior Minister Suila Braverman. Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarting, who is close to Terrace, was sacked for the tax cut plan and replaced by Jeremy Hunt, who quickly demolished the floor almost completely.

And the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that Braverman resigned after “a heated live debate” with Trace and Hunt “against the backdrop of their demand to soften his stance on the immigration file.”

Terrace appointed Grant Shapps to succeed Braverman, noting that she had previously fired him from the post of Secretary of Transportation when she became prime minister. Shapps supported his party primary opponent Rishi Sunak.

Braverman, an immigration hardline, said she resigned due to a “technical violation” of government regulations.

“I was wrong and I am responsible, I resign”, said the letter of resignation, expressing instead “serious concerns” for the policy of the government, which, according to her, is abandoning its promises, especially in immigration file.

Trace was criticized for not stepping down, after blaming Quarting for the plan budget canceled which caused turmoil in the markets.

“Pretending not to make mistakes and to continue as if no one sees that we have made them in the hope that things will magically straighten out, does not indicate seriousness in political work,” Braverman wrote.


Braverman’s resignation came hours after the Trust made efforts to dispel doubts about the fate of his tenure by responding to criticism in Parliament.

Terrace defended herself in the face of calls to resign from the opposition after being forced to withdraw from her economic program. “I’m a fighter, not a retiree,” she said defiantly.

“What good is a prime minister whose promises don’t hold up for a week? What good is a prime minister whose promises aren’t kept for a week?” Terrace adopted forced to retract under pressure from the markets and its field.

Later chaos prevailed in Parliament, after the opposition proposed discussing a controversial decision taken by the Terrace in about the resumption of fracking, or the extraction of shale gas.

Labor lawmakers said Conservative Party hawks forced Conservative MPs to vote against the Labor proposal, noting that dozens of votes were not in in line with party trends.

Starmer will deliver a speech at the TUC annual conference on Thursday.

On Tuesday, a YouGov poll showed that Truss is the party’s least popular leader ever.

Another poll showed that most party members want him to leave.

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