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After the retirement from Kherson .. Kyiv: the remains of the Russians must surrender

While the Al-Arabiya correspondent reported that the Ukrainian armed forces had entered Kherson, the Ukrainian military intelligence service announced today, Friday, that Ukrainian military units have entered Kherson, urging all Russian forces still present to surrender. .

The service stated in a declaration in Russian language that Kherson had returned to Ukrainian control after being occupied since March and threatened to “destroy” all Russian soldiers who resisted.

“one chance”

“You only have one chance to avoid death … to surrender immediately,” the Defense Ministry’s main intelligence department explained in the statement released on the Telegram app.

The statement, Kiev’s first official confirmation that its forces had entered Kherson, ensured the safety of Russian soldiers in case of surrender.

“Civil clothes .. and be afraid”

In addition, he confirmed that the Russian forces are still there in cities have received orders from their leaders to wear civilian clothes and go into hiding.

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The Russian Defense Ministry announced today, Friday, that it had completed the withdrawal of its forces from Kherson and their retreat to the western bank of the Dnipro River. He said Russia suffered no loss of life or equipment during the withdrawal.

The ministry did not comment on official Ukrainian claims that Russian forces in Kherson had been ordered to wear civilian clothes.

“Great setback”

Interestingly, this withdrawal constitutes a major setback for the Russian military, especially as it is the first major Ukrainian city to fall into its hands since the outbreak of the conflict on February 24.

It also forms, together with Donetsk, Lugansk and Zaporizhia, the four regions whose annexation the Kremlin announced at the end of September (2022).

In addition, its geographical location is of particular importance, as the region lies on the borders of the Dnipro-Petrovsk and Nikolaev regions and has a land border with Crimea to the south, while facing the Black Sea to the southwest and in southeast from the Sea of ​​Azov.

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