After the return of the Taliban, the first foreign sporting mission for an Afghan team

In the first foreign visit of an Afghan sports team after the return to power of the Taliban movement, the team of cricket under 19 has arrived in Bangladesh on Saturday.

According to the newspaper “Times of India, “the team of cricket Afghan woman will face her Bangladeshi counterpart in the same age group, in a series of international matches between 10 and 25 September.

“The first group of eight players arrived in Dhaka on Saturday. The rest of the players will arrive in two more groups later, “said Rapid Imam, a spokesman for the Bangladesh Cricket Association.

The cricket it is one of the most popular sports in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

The Taliban took over in Afghanistan in recent weeks, with the beginning of the withdrawal of US forces from the country.

And it was feared that recreational activities in Afghanistan could be interrupted with the return to power of the militant movement, while the Taliban stressed that they would respect human rights in the country.

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