After the rise in the dollar, the price of the most important commodity in Egypt

Vegetable prices in the Egyptian market have risen significantly over the past few days due to the lack of supply of some goods and rising costs for agriculture, as well as a sharp drop in the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound against the dollar.

Potatoes (potatoes), the most popular food consumed by families, with the opening of schools and the winter season caused vegetable prices to jump from £5 to £10.5 ($0.4) within a week, an increase of 110% . , while price increases for other goods varied, reaching an average of 15%, according to dealers.

Potato prices were driven up by a lack of supply as traders preferred to export refrigerated summer season produce.

Tomato prices jumped 33%, bringing the price of a 24kg box to £120 compared to £90 on the wholesale market, with consumer prices ranging from £8 to £10 per kilo.

A vegetable vendor in the city’s October Sixth Market, west of the capital Cairo, expected tomato prices to stabilize at a fresh rise before the end of this month, with the possibility of a decline as harvest begins after this period. .

Source: Egyptian media.