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After the scandal of Tunisia and Mali . Terror and farce in Africa Cup of Nations – (Photo)


“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The Organizing Committee of the Championship of African Nations 2021 and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has transformed in a largely satirical material, with the continuing series of sensational scandals in the tournament currently in course on Cameroon land, the latest being the sheer amount of farces that rocked the foot football world throughout the day. And the farces began with the referee infringement committed by Sikazori in the Tunisia-Mali match, with the whistle at the end of the match four minutes from the end of the first half, the 90 minutes are completed. All attempts by coach Munther Al-Kabeer and his coaching staff failed to get the referee to retract his odd decision, at least in consultation with the video referees, so the love at first sight came after the Malian players celebrated the three points with their fans, and after that the two players returned to the locker room, with an urgent request, to return promptly in Playground, to complete the remaining minute of regulation time plus two minutes of injury time. Millions of people witnessed the scandal watching the fourth referee, his assistants and the Malian players, without the Carthage Eagles team, who refused to return, not only for the difficulty of returning, after the players shower, but also to protest against what happened. It was also reported by the correspondent “BN” that the Tunisian Federation presented a memorandum to the CAF to repeat the entire match. In his first comment on this drama, the coach of the Tunisian national team said in his usual interview with reporters: “The referee denied us the benefit of the numerical shortage that the Mali team would have ended the match, after it was shown the red card in front of the Malian player Bilal Toure. The remaining and lost time reaches up to 10 minutes, but Sekauzzi saw the opposite. ” He added: “I was a coach for a long time and I didn’t see anything like that, until the fourth referee was preparing to raise the scoreboard and announce the time in extra time, and then the game is over. It’s very difficult to do. manage such situations. The referee blew the whistle in the 85th minute and again in the 89th minute. There should be 7 or 8 minutes in more, his decision can never be explained. “The shocking scenes of the world of football have been completed, with the diffusion of some images of Riyad Mahrez and teammates of the Algerian national team, as they moved from the hotel residence to the training center, with small auto for transport, and not in a bus as is customary in all parts of the earth, in coincidence with the strange mistake, playing a hymn The Old Mauritanian before the start of the game with Gambia, and the day ended a little while ago, with the news of the killing of a soldier near the hotel of the Tunisian national team, in following which the authorities asked for the cancellation of the evening training, for fear of other possible terrorist acts, and all this was preceded by the attack on three journalists of the delegation accompanying the Algerian national team in the city of Douala.


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