After the scandals surrounding the Mafia leader, Erdogan’s government raids his headquarters in مقر

After the Turkish mafia leader Sedat Beker posted a series of videos, in which he accused some Turkish officials of corruption and organized crime began die Turkish authorities on Tuesday conducted security operations to his supporters in to pursue several Turkish states.

The Turkish authorities took 25 suspects in two operations against Sadat Baker centers in 4 states, whereupon die Authorities arrested two suspects based on a court order and 5 others in sent to the state of Bursa to die Complete investigations, and 18 on condition that judicial oversight.

In addition, the Turkish mafia leader caused a stir in of Turkish society after making some statements about the former and incumbent interior minister and a number of influential people in the Turkish state, where he in a video clip about Suleiman Solo, the current solo Turkish Interior Minister said he had “given him protection and leaked him.” Confidential information was reported over the past year, according to which die Judiciary initiated an investigation against him, die enabled him to flee Turkey and escape access by the security services. ”Soylu denied these allegations, but was pressured by the opposition to die demanded his resignation, which he refused.

Through several tweets on Twitter, Sedat Beker claimed that Soylu worked with prosecutors at the Anatolian court and that they made a huge fortune from it.

The interior minister complains to the mafia boss

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu filed a criminal complaint against Sedet Becker with the Ankara Public Prosecutor on May 17, accusing him of “insulting” and defamation after the Mafia boss had brought charges against him with the videos.

Later banned die Turkish authorities die Tweets from the Turkish mafia leader, die concern the head of a Turkish court.

According to media reports have die Authorities in Turkey banned 6 tweets from Sadat Bakr, in whom he talks about Asaad Toklo, the head of the Ankara Regional Administrative Court.

Handover of weapons to Jabhat al-Nusra

At the request of the Turkish authorities, Baker also made allegations of turning on weapons die Al-Nusra Front classified as a terrorist organization in To have given up Syria. In a video clip published on his YouTube channel, Becker confirmed that the Turkish secret service had worked with mafia gangs to deliver weapons to armed groups in Syria, in particular die Al-Nusra Front, to smuggle.

Becker stated that “large quantities of weapons from the Turkish secret service were over die the ruling party affiliated Turkish security company “Sadat” die Nusra Front were sent.

Baker had planned to postpone a clip of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan die However, publication on the meeting of the Turkish President with his American counterpart Joe Biden on the sidelines of the NATO summit, which took place on Monday evening, June 14th.

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