After the “slap” .. Facebook intends to change its name

After the “slap” he received earlier this month, he means Facebook IncThe giant of the social media it will change its name to a new name next week to reflect its focus on building in the virtual world, The Verge reported on Tuesday, citing a source with firsthand knowledge of the matter.

and intends Mark ZuckerbergFacebook CEO, to talk about the name change at the company’s annual “Connect” conference on October 28, although there is still a chance to reveal the matter in an earlier date.

The rebranding will likely also place the Facebook app as one of several products for a parent company that will oversee groups like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and others, according to The Verge.

For its part, Facebook said it does not comment on rumors or speculations.

Internal documents leaked

It is reported that the former Facebook content manager, Frances HoganEarlier this month, the Wall Street Journal leaked huge amounts of internal company documents.

He also accused Facebook of cultivating algorithms that amplify hate speech, claiming it fuels its profits on the safety of people and the public.

After the “slap” .. Facebook intends to change its name
Frances Hogan (archive from AFP)

He also pointed to its negative effects on teenage girls and children, adding that the company has overlooked the risks children can be exposed to. He indicated that he worked in a number of companies, including Google, but it has been very bad for Facebook due to the company’s desire to put its profits on the interest of its users.

hearing of the congress

And on October 5, Hogan said during a hearing in the US Congress: “Through my work, I have found that Facebook works. in a way that harms young people and democracy, “adding that the company takes information from the public and governments and has misled the public on many topics.

He also confirmed that the behemoth, whose profits are estimated in billions, works in the shadows, and often changes its labor laws, emphasizing that no one outside the company realizes how dangerous it really is as those who work within it do.

Hide behind walls

Additionally, he pointed out that the communications site giant is hiding behind walls and trying to make sure no one understands the reality of its system.

As for the role of Mark Zuckerberg, he stated that the founder of the “blue site” is aware of the thoughts of the algorithms used by the site, and therefore things cannot happen without his knowledge, pointing out that Facebook was aware of the danger of its mechanism of action on children. And he felt that Facebook should be forced to retract its behavior.

Mark Zuckerberg (archive from AFP)
Mark Zuckerberg (archive from AFP)

It should be noted that this testimony constituted a third blow to Facebook in a few days after the first leak, and then the huge outage that hit the company on the evening of October 4th and lasted for hours.

Zuckerberg defends

Zuckerberg, on the other hand, defended his company. In a note to employees and posted on his public Facebook page on Oct.6, he said the recent allegations and allegations about the app’s effect on the company were “nonsense.”

He also denied that the giant of the social media promote hatred and division in societies, harm children and need regulation, pointing out that the allegations against your company of putting financial profit above safety are “simply wrong.”

“The argument that the company is deliberately promoting content that angers people with the goal of making a profit is completely illogical,” he said. “We make money with ads and advertisers are constantly telling us that they don’t want their ads to show alongside harmful or irritating content,” he said, adding, “I don’t know of any tech company that builds products that make people angry or depressed. Everyone incentives and ethical and commercial products point in the opposite direction.

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