After the success of PUBG, the game developers are heading towards a huge artistic production

PUBG has been a huge success in recent years. Especially after it was launched for the smartphone platform, and perhaps the Korean company Krafton is known for developing this game more than anything else. However, it is currently preparing for a huge project.

The company is preparing to build a fictional art series based on the novel “The Bird That Drinks Tears” after obtaining a license to use it.

Known internally as “Project Windless”, the project is at the work of Krafton Art Director, Kwang Jae Son, in collaboration with designer Iain McCaig, who in he previously worked on major works of art, such as Harry Potter and Star Wars, according to the Arab portal for technical news.

The company is currently working on designing the initial artistic identity for this series. According to McCaig, one of his Korean friends advised him to work on this project. It caught his attention a lot.

What distinguishes The Bird That Drinks Tears from other works fantasy like Kingdom of the Rings or Game of Thrones is its focus on Korean folklore.

McCaig and Jae Son are currently working on visualizing the novel in preparation of the project. There is no doubt that converting the textual content of the novel in visual content is a very difficult matter and requires vast imagination and great skill.

According to the statements, the duo is still working on the technical prototype for this series, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

In this series you will rely on a large number of artists, writers and directors, in preparation to transform it in an integrated and non-integrated series in a single part work of art.

And Project Windless is not alone cinema and TV, especially with a company like Krafton. Since it is expected to transform in a complete game in future.

Additionally, the new series will take a different path from PUBG gaming. Where the game will be derived from works of art and not vice versa. The company is also looking for a successful model to follow.

Perhaps the most successful novel is The Witcher series, developed by the studio Polish game CD Projekt RED. The funny thing about The Witcher, however, is that the novels became popular after the game series itself grew, not the other way around. The game’s original novel series also belongs to Poland.

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