After the violence in Beirut, how did the families of the victims of the port explosion comment?

Yesterday the streets of the Lebanese capital experienced bloody hours, bringing the Lebanese back to the scenes of the civil war whose fires were extinguished by the Taif Accords.

The triangle of the Tayouneh-Ain El-Remmaneh and Chiyah areas in Beirut has witnessed severe violence, which has led to 6 deaths and dozens of injuries, according to the Lebanese Red Cross, following an appeal by Hezbollah and Movement supporters. Amal (led by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri) to demonstrate in front of the Palace of Justice, to protest against the failure of the hand of the judicial investigator in the explosion of the port of Beirut, judge Tarek Bitar, who accuses him of politicization.

climbing positions

The violence was preceded by an escalation of political positions by Hezbollah and Amal against the judicial investigator, the culmination of which was expressed by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah a few days ago, considering that “Judge Tariq Al-Bitar is politicizing the case and that the situation has reached a point that is no longer bearable ”. Interrogation sessions for Hezbollah allies and issuance of arrest warrants against them.

Relatives of the victims of the Beirut port explosion were due to hold a press conference yesterday, Thursday, in who would have defined their position on the developments through the investigation and pressure to which the judicial investigator is subjected, but they have abandoned the conference for the violence.

But he questioned some of them about what happened and what their message was to the judge, who resumed the investigation after being stopped three times on the basis of a request for an answer presented by the representatives of the accused.

Scenes that take us back to war

Mireille Khoury, the mother of the young victim, Elias Khoury, told Al “What happened scares me in first as a Lebanese citizen, because it brings us back to the scenes of the war in we have lived “.

However, he stressed, “There is a large part of Lebanese, regardless of their sectarian affiliation, who want to know the truth about what happened on August 4, 2020, and the issue of the Beirut port explosion is not alone. our case in as much as the families of the victims, but also all Lebanese.

We want justice

He also considered that “if there had been responsibility, we would not have achieved what we are”, hoping that the investigation would not take place. He stressed that people want justice and do not accept the politicization of the case, “calling to wait for the investigation to be completed, and then to judge whether it has been politicized or not”.

He also asked: “Who considers himself innocent, why doesn’t he appear before the judicial investigator and prove his innocence by law?” And she continued: “Who has gone down in street today, would you accept what happened to your children on August 4th? “

After the violence in Beirut, how did the families of the victims of the port explosion comment?

From the protest of Hezbollah and Amal supporters in front of the Beirut Palace of Justice (Reuters)

“we are with you”

In addition, he invited “whoever has prove that Judge Bitar is politicized, to present them, and there are legal procedures that can be used without resorting to the street “.

And to the forensic investigator I said: “May God protect you. We are with you until the end to clarify the truth. We hope that what happened on the street does not affect you. Conclude the investigation, because we want justice.”

“Hezbollah is responsible for the explosion!”

For his part, Michel Andon, the victim’s wife, Joe Andon, felt that “what happened is unacceptable and that Hezbollah and the Amal movement are behaving like a militia”.

He told “We all know that Hezbollah is the main culprit in the explosion of the Beirut port, because the port is under its control, and my husband, Joe, was telling me that the party members were leaving and joking inside. of the port. “

A few months ago Michelle immigrated with her two daughters to the United States of America because of the situation in Lebanon was no longer bearable, as she said herself, asking, “What would happen to me if I was in the Ashrafieh area yesterday and my two daughters were in school at the start of the fighting? I don’t want you to experience what I experienced during the days of the civil war “.

He also stressed that he wanted justice, saying, “My daughters have a right to know who killed their father.”

Port of Beirut (AFP)

Port of Beirut (AFP)

Michelle turned to the forensic investigator, saying, “Don’t be afraid. We’re on your side.”

As for George Bazarjian, the young victim’s father Jessica only told Al that “what happened is very painful”.

Is their goal to hide the truth?

For her part, Mona Gawish, the victim’s mother Rawan Mesto, said: “We don’t know what happened and who clashed with whom? Their goal is to hide the truth and not let us know what happened in August. 4 ? “

In an interview with Al, confirmed: “It is the families of the victims who want the truth and nothing else”. “We are not asking for enmity from anyone, but rather for justice,” he added.

You have proven yourself to be an honest judge

And to the pressured judicial investigator, he said, “We are with you to the end and may God protect you. You have proven to be an honorable and impartial judge who is not afraid of threats.”

From the events in Beirut 14 / 10-2022 (AFP)

From the events in Beirut 14 / 10-2022 (AFP)

Declaration of the families of the victims

The families of the victims of the horrific explosion that shook the capital, the place of over 200 deaths on August 4, 2020, have released a statement in to which they condemn the harm of innocent citizens, renewing their adherence to justice and holding responsible all those whose hands were involved in the bloodshed.

They also considered that nothing would fortify the pace civil and relieved their pain except truth and justice. They were eager to keep their case clear from any sectarianism or politicization.

Furthermore, they called on active forces to “prioritize the public interest over the private one in order to prevent further bloodshed and nerve divisions.

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