After this die When the number of injured people rose, Israel has reintroduced the muzzle

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced on Friday that die To reintroduce use of the muzzle in closed places after an increase in the number of coronavirus infections after more than die Half of the population had received two doses of the vaccine.

To this she explained in a statement: “Due to the high level of infections with the corona virus, we will be at all places from Friday afternoon die except in the house are not open, impose the muzzle again. “

It made it clear, however, that “children under the age of seven, people with disabilities and those who do sports are exempt from the mask requirement in Indoor spaces are excluded “.

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned of a “new outbreak” of the coronavirus after the increase in infections recorded daily die Israelis to cancel trips and give their children the vaccine to avoid accelerating the infection.

He said the wearing of masks will become mandatory again until die Number of new infections exceeds 100 per day.

It is noteworthy that Israel began recording more than 100 cases of corona every day since Monday. And yesterday, Thursday, 227 new injuries were registered according to the latest figures.

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