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After Ukrainian attacks with modern weapons, Russia withdraws from Snake Island


According to a New York Times report, Russian forces withdrew from Snake Island in the Black Sea after repeated attacks by Ukrainian forces, a move that represents a setback for Moscow forces and could undermine their control over vital grain transport routes in the Black Sea.

The withdrawal followed sustained Ukrainian attacks, including with powerful Western weapons just arriving that made it impossible for Russian forces to hold the island, a small piece of land 20 miles off the coast of Odessa that played a vital role during war.

Control of shipping routes is a severe blow, with repercussions far beyond the battle for Ukraine’s sovereignty.

The Russian Navy effectively stopped shipments to Ukrainian Black Sea ports, cutting off the flow of grain and semi oily to the rest of the world, increasing the cost of food and creating the potential for shortages and even famines in some countries, in particular in Africa.

While the United Nations and many Western democracies have accused Moscow of using food as a weapon to undermine support for Ukraine, the Kremlin has tried to shift responsibility for the situation to Kiev, accusing Ukraine of refusing to evict its ports.

The fortified island is of little value other than as a base for Black Sea operations and has been a target of the Russians since the first day of the Russian military operation. in Ukraine.

The Russian withdrawal, which took place just a week after the Kremlin boasted that it had rejected a Ukrainian attempt to recapture the island, was another example of how Moscow curtailed its military ambitions in the face of Ukrainian resistance.

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