Ahmed’s forces: Our attacks inflict heavy losses on the Ukrainians

The commander of Chechen “Ahmed” forces, Apte Alaudinov, announced early Sunday that the Russian army’s suicide drones are carrying out daily operations targeting Ukrainian forces, inflicting heavy casualties on them.

Huge losses

“Now we’re using a huge amount of munitions and drones, and we’re starting to hit them in way tale suffer huge losses of both equipment and manpower,” Alaudinov said media Russians.

He also indicated that as soon as the Ukrainian forces launch American missiles, the tracking and destruction of vehicles on which the launchers are installed begins.

Formation of Ahmed’s forces

A few days ago the Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov announced the formation of the new special forces “Ahmed-1”, affiliated to the Russian National Guard for special missions.

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Kadyrov wrote in “Telegram”: “The new special force “Ahmed-1” of the Russian National Guard, consisting of 2,000 people, was formed in the Chechen Republic.

Special operations officers

While he stressed that the new force is mainly composed of experienced fighters and distinguished officers in many special operations, noting that “the unit is equipped with modern weapons and equipment and its members are equipped with everything necessary to carry out the operational and combat tasks assigned to them, no matter how complex.”

Recall that last July Kadyrov announced the formation of four battalions with a huge number of personnel recruited exclusively from citizens of Chechnya.

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