AI Caucus Vice Chair Urges Privacy Regulations as Top Short-Term Priority for Congress

AI and Privacy Regulations in Congress

As Washington begins to grapple with the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, the vice chair of Congress’ artificial intelligence caucus emphasizes that privacy regulations should be a top short-term priority. Congressman Obernolte, a former computer engineer and graduate degree holder in AI, is a rare expert on the matter among congressional lawmakers.

Concerns about Privacy Regulations

Expressing concern about the ability of AI to potentially violate digital data privacy, Obernolte emphasizes the need for the government to mitigate this risk. He warns that current privacy regulations are fragmented across different states, with some having comprehensive laws and others having none at all.

The Need for Federal Regulation

Obernolte stresses the importance of federal regulation to address these issues, alongside establishing a shared national research infrastructure for AI. He and other lawmakers have introduced the CREATE AI Act, which aims to create a National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource.

Balancing Regulation and Innovation

While acknowledging the real threats posed by AI, Obernolte also emphasizes the potential benefits it holds for the U.S. economy. He advocates for careful and appropriate regulation without stifling innovation.

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