Ajinkya handled the responsibility brilliantly, our relationship rests on trust: Kohli

Chennai, Feb 4 (PTI) Indian captain Virat Kohli said on Thursday that his relationship with Ajinkya Rahane rests on mutual trust and praised the vice-captain for playing his role in Australia brilliantly. A few days after Kohli returned for paternity leave after the first disappointing Test in Adelaide, Rahane led the Indian team to injury problems and led the series to a convincing 2–1 victory. On Wednesday, Rahane said that he was happy to help from behind. “A day later, Kohli talked about his relationship with him,” he said, “Not only between me and Jinks (Rahane) but the relationship of the entire team depends on trust and we are all working towards the same goal. And that is to watch India win. “I would like to mention that he staked his responsibility in Australia, it was fantastic to see him win the team, which was always ours,” Kohli said during a virtual media conference on the eve of the first Test against England. Has been the goal. Kohli feels that the out-of-the-field rapport with Rahane also helped him in the on-field relationship. He said, “Me and Jinks always like to bat with each other.” It is clear on the field that we respect each other. In this relationship outside the field is also important. We talk a lot, stay in touch with each other and this relationship rests on trust. Kohli always takes Rahane’s advice in match situations. The captain said, “He has always been the player who has the ability to advise in different circumstances of the match. We discuss on the field how the match is progressing. “He said,” With the focus on the team plan, I go to him and discuss many things so that I can get more clarity and opinion. This is how we work together. This is the major reason for the success of the Indian team in the Test format. ”