Akim Aliu on Bill Peters coaching in KHL: ‘I believe in second chances for everybody’

In spite of whatever, Akim Aliu still thinks in second chances and forgiveness for his former coach Bill Peters, who utilized a racial slur directed at him when they were with the AHL’s Rockford IceHogs.

“Hockey is for all,” Aliu tweeted Thursday early morning in action to the news that Peters signed a two-year handle the KHL’s Yekaterinburg Avtomobilist. “I believe in second chances for everybody, that we can all discover forgiveness in our heart, which real, favorable modification is coming if we continue to press forward together.

“I don’t resent a man for finding work, but I will fight to make sure those same opportunities are available to everyone, on and off the ice, regardless of race or ethnicity.”

Over the last 24 hours I have actually gotten a great deal of demands to comment on the news of Bill Peters being employed by a KHL Team. I believed this would be the very best method to share my ideas. pic.twitter.com/qLwaeevKbm

— Akim Aliu (@Dreamer_Aliu78) April 16, 2020

In November, Peters resigned as coach of the Flames after Aliu exposed on Twitter that he “dropped the N-bomb several times towards me in the dressing room.” It then appeared that the ex-NHL coach was physically violent; former Hurricanes defenseman Michal Jordan, whom Peters coached from 2014-16 in Carolina, implicated Peters of kicking him throughout an undefined game.

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Not really unexpected the important things we’re becoming aware of Babcock. Apple does not fall far from the Tree, very same sort of handle his protege in YYC. Dropped the N bomb a number of times towards me in the dressing space in my novice year due to the fact that he didn’t like my option ofmusic One to

— Akim Aliu (@Dreamer_Aliu78) November 26, 2019

confess I rebelled versus him. Would not you? And rather of treating the scenario, he composed a letter to John McDonough and Stan Bowman to have me sent out down to the ECHL. 20 years of age on speed for 20 objectives in his first professional year with no PP/PK time was off to a terrific start in his

— Akim Aliu (@Dreamer_Aliu78) November 26, 2019

Peters declared the Aliu event was an “isolated event” in a letter he composed prior to his resignation, including: “I have regretted the (Aliu) incident since it happened, and I now also apologize to anyone negatively affected by my words. I am aware that there is no excuse for language that is offensive. I meant no disrespect in what I said, and it was not directed at anyone in particular. But, that doesn’t matter; it was hurtful and demeaning. I am truly sorry.”

Aliu called Peters’ apology at the time “misleading, insincere and concerning.”

On a call Wednesday with press reporters Peters stated, “I think as time goes on, we all grow and improve and become better versions of ourselves, and I’m no different than that. You learn from all the experiences that you’re in, and you become better.”

Both Flames interim coach Geoff Ward, who was an assistant under Peters, and general manager Brad Treliving noted it was great to see him getting a second chance.

“Billy is a good coach. He made a mistake, but he’s an awful good man, in spite of the fact the mistake did happen,” Ward informed TSN’s Jermain Franklin, including, “I believe he’s done some things to atone for what happened. . Seeing that and people acknowledging that, I believe are necessary. Now the reality that he’s getting another chance to do and go what he enjoys, and that’s coach, it’s great to see. As I stated, I make sure he will succeed there.”

Treliving informed press reporters on Thursday, “I’m a big believer in second chances for anyone and everyone. Bill made a mistake, he said he made a mistake. I know he’s making amends to make up for that. He’s a good coach. Bill’s a good man. He made an error. . Not everything we do is something right and we just hope people have grace for us, and we wish him well there.”

Aliu likewise added on Twitter that he is still waiting for the result of the NHL’s examination. He consulted with commissioner Gary Bettman in December to go over changes he would like to see the sport make to be more varied, more secure and responsible.

“Only with the past behind us can we focus on the future,” Aliu’s tweet on Thursday stated. “That means bringing hockey to the underprivileged youth in order to make the game more diverse, affordable and accessible to all regardless of race, gender and economic background. Stay Tuned #TimeToDream”