Akshay Kumar tweeted on peasant movement, Punjabi singer Jaji B told- fake king

The farmer movement is in the news in India at the moment and international celebrities are also giving their feedback about this. The Bollywood syllabus did not like the reaction of these celebrities on the peasant movement. Rihanna, Greta Thanberg and Mia Khalifa have opposed the Indian government, while Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Sunil Shetty, Anupam Kher Karan Johar, B-Town Syllabes have spoken in favor of the government. At the same time, Punjabi singer Jazzy B has applied to Akshay Kumar’s tweet.

Akshay Kumar tweeted, ‘Farmers are a very important part of our country. The steps taken to settle their problem are clearly in front of everyone. Let us support an amicable solution and not pay attention to the things being distributed.

Retweeting Akshay Kumar’s tweet, Jazzy B wrote, ‘Wow, wow, brother, you’re tweeting now! The farmers had been organizing a peaceful agitation for two months, when a tweet did not come from you and now you are calling them propaganda. Oh, you cannot be a lion is a king because the real king is sitting on a dharna. Fake King Akshay Kumar! ‘

A Twitter user shared a collage of screenshots of several Bollywood Syllab’s tweets. Retweeting this tweet, Jazzy B wrote, Shame on fake hero. At the same time, many users have commented on this tweet of Jazzy B.