Al-Abdali: Mistakes are forbidden for our team. Focus is the green weapon

Mohamed Al-Abdali, the coach of Al-Taawoun’s team, felt the second round was crucial to break the clash in head to the second group since the Australian team is in looking forward to a pretty easy match against his Vietnamese counterpart. Hence the importance and difficulty of match of our team with Oman, because Australia’s victory will increase the pressure on the green and the Oman team, to stay in head to the race.

Al-Abdali continued, We must emphasize that the Oman team has developed a lot and gained prestige through its permanent presence in Asian competitions and has professional players in the Gulf leagues, and will enter the match armed with land and public and great motivation through his early qualifying win over Japan. What the Oman national team offers with the Croatian Branko is very clear: performance, presence in field, discipline and excellent physical shape, and he has a distinguished goalkeeper, Fayez Al-Rashidi, and a group in ascent which will be of great importance in these qualifiers.

Al-Abdali stressed the need to better reorganize the defense against Vietnam, especially that Oman has a fast and dangerous striker, Al-Mundhir Al-Alawi. Striker, who scored a goal in the Japanese national team, Issam Al -Subhi, it was a successful alternative.

Al-Abdali confirmed that today Renard is required to be wary of the Omani team’s parties and rigged balls. He added: “Our players are expected to focus from the first minute and avoid mistakes against Vietnam, because the Oman team is good at exploiting opportunities.”

And our players should take advantage of the attacks they will have at their disposal because of the possibilities in these games will be few.

Al-Abdali said, I think our national team manager knows the way in played by the national team of Oman, which is 4/4/1/1, which is a method that tends to play in more defensive way and is based on offensive rounds and player speed. And their ability .. God willing, we are all confident that Nojoom Al-Akhdar will return to Riyadh with match point, especially since our players have the ability to win any match if they are in weather.

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