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Al-Ahly is going point by point … and his fans are frustrated


Al-Ahly’s side continued their streak of draws after drawing for the fifth consecutive time for the first time for all teams in the professional league, ahead of their host Al-Fateh in the match that ended 1-1 in the fifth round of the alloy.

The start was Ahly, and the team got a (13) penalty taken by Alyosky, which was saved by goalkeeper Maxim Koval, before referee Turki Al-Khudair returned it with a mouse signal, and Alyosky managed to register it.

Then Al-Fateh’s team felt the danger and organized their ranks, and it was only 5 minutes, because Firas Al-Braikan scored the equalizer for Al-Fateh from Ibn Dabkeh’s ball, which bounced off the cross, and Al-Brikan put in his head to the right of Al-Owais.

In the second half, Al-Fateh’s team managed to block his stadium and relied on rebounds, and in the 75th minute, Ibn Dabkeh scored a goal for Al-Fateh, but after returning to mouse technique, the goal was disallowed for offside.

The match appeared at a mediocre level, and there were a lot of errors in passing and randomness in performance.

In another match, Al-Raed scored a big and exciting victory over his traditional rival, Al-Taawoun, with a score of 5-3, temporarily bringing his score to 10 points. in advantage, while Al-Taawoun remained two points in 14th place.

Damak also drew 1-1 with Al Shabab.

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