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Al-Ahsa equestrian field holds its eighth race

Today, the Al-Ahsa equestrian field held its eighth competition ceremony for the current 1443 AH season, with the support of the Al-Mayadeen Horse Racing Club of Riyadh, on the field track in the governorate near Jabal Al- Arbaa.

The race consisted of in eight round, the first three round of 1200 meters and the four round of a distance of 1200 meters

1400 meters follows, while the eighth race is 1600 meters, the results are as follows: The first half did not win the horses, born in 2018 AD, one (exact) gain for the owner: Fakhri Al-Shabib Muhammad Al -Zein , and won the third round, open grades, born in 2018 AD (Blond Muhib) to the owner: Ahmed Al-Sanad, and in the fourth round, open grades, mares born in 2019 AD, won (Jude Abdullah) from the owner: Dhafer Al-Dosari.

As for the fifth round, horses that won 1-3 races, age +4 years, won the first (next) place for the owner and trainer: Muhammad Al-Khuwaisa, the trainer: Hashem Al-Meer, and in the seventh round, the horses that did not win, age +4 years, won (Mazum) for the owner: Abdul Karim Al-Habil.

The result of the eighth round arrived with open votes, age +4, who won the Concert Cup (Abu Mutair) for the owner: Abdullah Al-Mathn and the coach: Issa Al-Mathin.

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