Al-Ahsa Municipality participates in the “World Cities Summit” in Singapore

The municipality of Al-Ahsa participated in the World Cities Summit 2022, launched yesterday in the Republic of Singapore, with the slogan “Liveable and sustainable cities”, and will last 4 days.

The summit included plenary and dialogue sessions, workshops, the Lee Kuan Yew Award Forum for the International City, the World Mayors Forum, as well as the WCS Young Leaders Symposium.

Amin Al-Ahsa, head of the participating delegation, Ing. Essam Al-Mulla, explained that the conference discussed how cities can emerge from contemporary crises through the tracks of “sustainable finance, smart cities, development and planning, urban resilience. and livability future cities. “He also discussed the crises caused by climate change and the opportunities to create more livable and sustainable cities.

He indicated that the Secretariat’s participation included a review of Al-Ahsa’s experience in quality of life projects, which have been implemented as part of the initiative to humanize cities and raise the level of the urban landscape.