Al-Ain is in waiting for a certificate of financial competence to register his players

The administration in charge of the Al Ain Club is in waiting for a certificate of financial efficiency from the Saudi Football Association, after the former president of the club Mazen Bin Raddad paid the remaining amount.

Al Ain Club Media Center Director said: All documents required to obtain the Financial Efficiency Certificate have been uploaded and we are in wait for the certificate of eligibility to be officially released by the end of the specified period at 12:00 today in so that the club can register players and continue his career in championship.

It is known that the Saudi Football Association requires ai club to obtain a certificate of financial competence from the Ministry of Sport to register the players.

Al-Ain Club was banned from playing in his first confrontation with Bisha Club in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman First Division League the day before yesterday due to lack of full player registration, as his record includes only (13) players, while the laws require 16 players to be present in the disclosure, which the club could not fulfill, in still burdened with debts and arrears, and the current administration is trying to overcome obstacles to allow it to compete to return to Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s League for Delinquents again.

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