Al-Arabiya monitors air traffic, evacuation and assistance from Kabul airport

The Al-Arabiya camera monitored air traffic and evacuation operations from Kabul airport in course for some foreign and Afghan citizens that the Taliban allowed them to leave the country, as well as the arrival of the Arab and international aid operations that arrived in Afghanistan.

The Al-Arabiya camera also monitored the start of the “Badr Forces” controlling the airport security work to secure entry and exit from the airport, which the movement changed its name from Hamid Karazi International Airport to Kabul International Airport.

Some domestic flights resume at Afghanistan’s international airport in Kabul

Some domestic flights are resumed at Afghanistan’s international airport in Kabul, where state-owned Ariana Afghan Airlines operates flights to three states.

Shershah Store, the airline official at the airport, told The Associated Press on Sunday that flights departed Saturday to the provinces of Herat to the west, Kandahar to the south, and Balkh to the north, noting that flights were made. without an operating radar system in airport.

Store explained that three more flights were to begin today, Sunday, in the same states.

Meanwhile, a team of Qatari and Turkish technicians arrived in Kabul last week to help restart operations at the airport, which the United Nations says is needed to deliver humanitarian aid to the country.

It is reported that the airport runway has been repaired in a limited step towards a return to a relatively normal life after the turmoil that has engulfed the country in the past three weeks.
The reopening of the airport, a vital lifeline both abroad and within Afghanistan, is a top priority for the Taliban as they seek to restore order following the swift takeover of Kabul on August 15.

Kabul Airport is closed by the end of a huge US-led airlift to transport its own citizens and citizens of other Western and Afghan countries who have helped the West.

With the end of the operation at the end of August, it was not possible to evacuate the thousands of people who wanted to leave Afghanistan, fearing for their lives under the rule of the Taliban.

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