Al-Arabiya sources: Coalition launches airstrikes against militias to support West Coast forces

Sources in Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath reported Sunday evening to Monday that the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen launched airstrikes against the Houthi militia to support West Coast forces.

Sources added that the attacks resulted in the loss of life and equipment among Houthi militias on the west coast.

Sources in Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath confirmed that the coalition’s attacks targeted militia equipment and members “outside the areas of the Stockholm Agreement”.

Interestingly, the coalition in support of legitimacy in Yemen released images of targeted operations against the Houthi militia and its mechanisms in Sirwah, Al-Bayda and Al-Jawf during the previous 24 hours on Sunday, leading to the killing. of more than 80 Houthi elements.

Sources told Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath that coalition air forces thwarted an attempt to attack the Houthis in Al-Balaq, west of Marib.

He added that the coalition operation took place during a rally of Houthi elements to carry out the attack on eastern “Al-Balaq” and indicated that during the operation 6 Houthi military vehicles were destroyed and more than 80 Houthis. They were killed.

The Coalition to Support Legittimacy in Yemen announced on Sunday that it had carried out 22 operations against the mechanisms and elements of the Houthi militia in Sirwah, Al-Bayda and Al-Jawf in the past 24 hours.

The coalition said “the targeting operations included the destruction of 19 military vehicles and the elimination of 80 terrorist elements”.

On Saturday, the coalition announced the implementation of 42 operations targeting the mechanisms and elements of the Houthi militia in Sirwah, west of the city of Marib, and Al-Bayda, south of Marib, within 24 hours.

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