Al Arabiya sources: Hamdok will not announce the formation of the government of Sudan on Thursday

Al-Arabiya sources said, on Wednesday, that the Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdullah Hamdok, will not announce the formation of the government of Sudan, on Thursday, as planned.

On Monday, news reports said that Hamdok received a list of nominations for 17 ministerial portfolios from the Forces of Freedom and Change.

A statement issued by the Sudanese Council of Ministers stated that the nominations were subject to very precise criteria related to political awareness, as well as academic qualification and scientific experience.

The statement stated that these nominations expressed to a very far extent the diversity and plurality of Sudan.

On Monday, the Council of Ministers said that it is “awaiting the Revolutionary Front’s nominations for the seven ministries concerned with it.”

It is decided that the Cabinet will announce the program for the next phase before announcing the ministerial formation.