Al-Asumi: We are confident in Algeria’s ability to make the Arab Summit a success

The President of the Arab Parliament, Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Assoumi, expressed his great confidence in Algeria’s ability to ensure that the activities of the Arab Summit, which it will host in early November, fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the Arab peoples.

Al-Soumi stated in a statement to the Algerian official news agency: The Arab parliament “has great confidence in Algeria’s ability to make the summit’s activities a success in a way that fulfills the hopes and aspirations of the Arab peoples “, underlining its support for all Arab and international efforts aimed at achieving security and stability in the region.

He explained that this summit has “exceptional” importance, since its convocation arrives in a crucial moment in which I am in increasing the regional and international challenges facing Arab countries, which require, more than ever, “an increase in the pace of Arab cooperation and solidarity and to advance the process of joint Arab action to address these challenges and reach hopes.” and the aspirations of the Arab people for security, development and stability.

Al-Soumi indicated that the importance of this summit is in increase because it comes about three years after the Tunis-2019 summit, which, according to him, imposes “challenges and places additional burdens on the agenda of the Arab summit hosted by Algeria”.

In this context, he highlighted the challenges faced by most countries of the world following the repercussions of the Corona epidemic, as well as the conflict in Ukraine, stating: “All these developments have negative repercussions on our Arab societies and must coordinate joint Arab efforts to address them.”

He also stressed the exceptional international and regional circumstances in which the Arab Summit met, like the crisis in Libya and Yemen and the growing attacks of the occupation army in Palestine, which strongly imposes itself on Algeria’s date agenda, expressing its confidence that “Arab leaders have the capacity and political will to effectively address these crises, in a way that preserves the unity of the Arab countries and preserves their capabilities in the face of foreign ambitions.

From this point of view, the Arab Parliament aspires that the Algiers Summit “represents a qualitative leap for joint Arab action towards all issues in the region, the first of which is the first Arab question, the Palestinian cause, and the ways to support the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people in the face of the growing practices and violations committed by the occupation forces ”.

And Al-Soumi indicated that the Arab peoples are waiting for Arab leaders at this summit to take new steps to strengthen joint Arab action in order to address the economic and development challenges facing the Arab region, which are not. less important than security challenges.

and politics, in order to guarantee a better future for the present generations e future.

He stressed that the Arab Parliament relies heavily on the results of the Arab Summit and eagerly awaits it to become an important station in the history of joint Arab action, because the current Arab situation requires all efforts to be made to achieve reunification and bridge the split, to meet the aspirations of the Arab peoples to achieve solidarity, development and prosperity.