Al-Burhan asks to sit down to negotiate without conditions

The head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, called on the country’s political forces to sit down to negotiate together without conditions, in order to end the current political crisis, stressing that the army does not side with any party or party in particular. “We asked political parties to sit down to negotiate,” Al-Burhan said in a speech given Sunday in a military base north of the capital, Khartoum.

He added: “Not all parties or parties should take an initiative and want everyone to follow it. Everyone should sit down to negotiate without conditions.”

“We want to broaden the circle of participation to resolve the crisis in Sudan, but any party that wants to work alone will not find a response from the armed forces, “he added.

Al-Burhan said in his speech: “The military will not side with any specific party or party. The armed forces and regular forces are a red line that must not be touched”, stressing that “the military will stay the same. distance from everyone without taking sides with any party and supporting the steps of democratic transformation ”.

He also underlined the “firm position of the armed forces towards the country’s stability and security issues in the light of current challenges”, indicating “the commitment to distance the military institution from the political battlefield”.

He stressed that the armed forces are patriotic national forces that protect the country and its citizens and are not affiliated with any party, party or group, nor with the National Party, the Islamic Movement, a Communist Party or anything else.

And for those who accused the army of being loyal to a particular party, he stressed that the armed forces belong only to the homeland.

He addressed the Islamic movement saying: “Hands off the army”.

He previously indicated that the Sudanese army will remain loyal to the people and align in each case with its national choices, remembering the state of things in Sudan.