Al-Burhan Freezes Accounts of Sudanese Banks Linked with Rapid Support Forces and its Affiliates

Sudanese Army Commander freezes accounts of Rapid Support Forces

Sudanese Army freezes Rapid Support Forces’ accounts

On Sunday, Sudanese Army Commander Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan issued a decision to freeze the accounts of the Rapid Support Forces and its companies in Sudanese banks, both internal and external.

Al-Burhan prevented the disbursement of any right or budget to the rapid support forces.

Sudanese Army Chief replaces Central Bank Governor

In addition, the office of Sudanese Army Chief Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan said on Sunday, in a press release, that he had relieved the governor of the central bank, Hussein Yahya Jangoul.

Al-Burhan Borai Al-Siddiq Ahmed, one of Jangoul’s deputies, was appointed as the bank’s new governor.

It is still unclear why Jankul was fired.

Foreign Ministry condemns attack on hospitals by rebel forces

And the Sudanese Foreign Ministry condemned on Sunday, in the strongest terms, “the attack and forcible entry of the rebel forces of the Revolutionary Rapid Support militia on Saturday into Jabra and Ahmed Qassem cardiac and renal hospitals, attacking doctors personnel, terrorizing patients and stealing ambulances, which led hospital administrations to take the decision to transfer patients” in other safe hospitals.

The foreign ministry reiterated its “condemnation of barbaric terrorist behavior by violating the armistice and violating human rights by targeting health facilities”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on the international community, the World Health Organization, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Jeddah Accord mediators to “condemn the behavior of the coup militia forces of Rapid Support in the strongest terms, stigmatize them as a terrorist organization and hold them legally and morally responsible before the mechanisms of national and international justice”.

Peace talks to resume in Jeddah

Today, Sunday, the two sides in conflict in Sudan were expected to resume talks in Jeddah on how to implement plans for the delivery of humanitarian aid, as revealed by Reuters, citing a Saudi diplomatic official. The agency said the talks would focus on withdrawing forces from civilian areas, as well as opening safe passages and evacuating civilian areas.

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