Al-Burhan: Some in Sudan are trying to exclude the armed forces

The head of the Sovereign Transitional Council in Sudan, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, accused some political forces on Monday of trying to worry public opinion by “faking problems” with the armed forces and quick support.

He also indicated that there are “attempts to exclude the military from the transition scene”. Addressing the non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Bahri military district today, Monday, according to a statement released by the council, he added: “The armed forces will protect the transition period until free and fair elections are achieved.”

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Furthermore, he stressed the enthusiasm to reach a national consensus and expand the participation base by involving all revolutionary and national forces except the dissolved National Congress Party.

He stressed that the leadership of the security and military services “is not a place of political offers and will not be subject to the current quotas”.

In addition, Al-Burhan greeted members of the Armed Forces and Rapid Support Forces, praising the great sacrifices they make despite the circumstances that the country is going through, underlining the interest of the General Command in improving the life situation and the working environment of the military.

Al-Burhan: Some in Sudan are trying to exclude the armed forces

From Khartoum (AFP)

It should be noted that Al-Burhan had met with Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok yesterday, Sunday, to resolve the differences that have existed for some time between the military and civilian components participating in the transitional authority that has since managed the rule in the country. of the regime of deposed president Omar al-Bashir, and to quell the crisis in eastern Sudan, but the meeting did not find effective solutions, according to sources reported in Al-Arabiya.

And since last month, tension has increased between the two sides, especially after the failed coup attempt on 21 September.

While the two sides blamed and blamed for the situation in the country, security, economic and living conditions. Some political parties, including the Sudanese Professionals Association, have accused the military component of trying to take control of power and remove the carpet from under the legs of the civilian component, something that the military forces and the Sovereignty Council have repeatedly denied. , noting that he would deliver on transitional authority after the elections.

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