Al-Burhan: The political agreement lays the right foundation for the transition period

After signing a political agreement at the presidential palace in Khartoum today that provided for the return of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, army commander Abdel Fattah stressed that this agreement will lay the correct foundation to complete in the transitional period.

He also stressed that the armed forces do not want to exclude anyone, but rather seek a true partnership with all parties, considering that the position of all parties today is unified. in terms of need to defend the December Revolution.

Furthermore, he stressed that Hamdok will continue to have faith in the country’s armed forces, explaining that during the crisis, contacts with the Prime Minister were not interrupted.

Partnership with civilians

He stressed that the military will work in collaboration with the civilian component to complete the democratic transition process in order to achieve free and fair elections.

He also made it clear that the obstruction made it imperative for the security forces to stop the democratic transition process and reconsider what has been done and will be done. in future. “We know the extent of the sacrifices and concessions made by all sides to spare the blood of the Sudanese people,” he added.

blood injection

In turn, Hamdok confirmed that he signed the agreement for several fundamental reasons, in especially to spare the blood of Sudanese youth. “The blood of our young people and Sudanese blood are precious,” he added.

He also indicated that the agreement is necessary to restore the political transition path in the country and to preserve the gains of the last two years, as well as strengthen the democratic civil transition. He continued: “When I accepted the position of President of the Transitional Council, I knew that the road was full of dangers, but we can cross our country, it is impossible.”

Interestingly, the two sides had signed a political deal that overturned the decision to relieve Hamdok from his post, issued by the army chief last month (October 2021), state television reported.

It also included the release of all political detainees and work to establish a unified Sudanese army.

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