Al-Burhan warned Ethiopia: We are ready for any eventuality

In a closed meeting in the Omdurma region, the chairman of the Sovereign Council of Sudan, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, called on Ethiopia to withdraw from the Sudanese country immediately.

He said Ethiopia was occupying Sudanese countries and told the world the opposite, warning that his country was ready for any eventuality.

He stressed that his country would not negotiate on the borders with Ethiopia unless it recognized the Sudanese countries in Al-Fashaqa.

Al-Burhan said Khartoum would ask the Ethiopian armed forces to withdraw from all Sudanese countries.

He affirmed that the Sudanese armed forces will remain the true protector of the people, their revolution and the protector of change.

Al-Burhan said: “The armed forces will remain the first obstacle to protect change. The armed forces have changed and protected the country. We strive to maintain the unity of Sudan and enjoy peace and quiet.” so that people can lead the decent lives they deserve, and we will work with civil political forces and peace partners on this. “

He pointed out that the Omdurman military region is the backbone and support of the armed forces.

Al-Burhan paid tribute to the huge role the region plays within the system of armed forces, pointing out that the country’s transition phase has seen tremendous challenges, requiring many concessions and sacrifices.

The head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council said: “The armed forces have faced and shared with the Sudanese people all the challenges they are going through and which have been made necessary by the transition period.”

Sudan condemned the Ethiopian aggression on its territory, viewing it as a violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, which would have dangerous effects on security and stability in the region.

Sudan holds Ethiopia fully responsible for the consequences of its aggression and demands that it immediately cease its encroachments on its territory, change the dialogue and ensure that the agreed borders are completely redrawn and marked.

“In the transition phase, we must all gather around the Sudanese state to cross for security reasons,” he added.

He noted that the armed forces’ employees are the most important pillar in building Sudan and crossing the transition period, stressed concerns about nationalism, unity and cohesion of the armed forces, and renewed the promise to build national armed forces that stand up for The armed forces deploy constitutional principles, according to Sky News.

Al-Burhan urged the movements that have not signed the peace agreement to sit down and negotiate to reach an agreement that will help build and cross the country, and appealed to the political forces to finalize government structures to accelerate and the Legislative Council in implementing the demands of democratic transformation.

He stressed that the military component works in the interests of the homeland and its unit in full cooperation and coordination with all political forces.

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