Al-Burhan: We are excited about the democratic transition in Sudan

With the faltering of mediation efforts in course to solve the crisis in Sudan since late last month, the army chief, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, has met today, Sunday, in Khartoum with an Arab League delegation, according to official TV.

To this, Al-Burhan renewed “the full commitment of the armed forces to democratic transformation and their commitment to protect the achievements of the Sudanese revolution and to fulfill the aspirations of the people”, praising the great role played by the Arab League in supporting and making the transition period a success and attention to Sudan’s problems.

For his part, the assistant to the secretary general of the Arab League, Hossam Zaki, stated after the meeting that “the delegation transmitted a verbal message from the secretary general confirming the Arab League’s support for the democratic transition. in Sudan “, underlining the importance of dialogue and its adoption as a primary means of addressing the crises that arise during the democratic transition process.

He affirmed the Arab League’s support for Sudan in all stages and is closely monitoring the process of democratic transformation to achieve security.

Hamdok: We have beaten Sudan’s interest

Sources in Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath instead revealed a meeting between Abdullah Hamdok and some leaders of political forces and national personalities. Hamdok affirmed his commitment to the consensus of all political forces.

The sources also added that Hamdok assured political forces the importance of prioritizing Sudan’s supreme interest.

A high-level delegation from the League of Arab States arrived in the Sudanese capital last night in an attempt to resolve the “crisis situation” between the military and civilians, almost two weeks after the army’s dissolution of the transitional government institutions.

Al-Burhan: We are excited about the democratic transition in Sudan
Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok (archive – The Associated Press)

The university said Saturday in a statement that Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit “has instructed a high-level delegation led by Ambassador Hossam Zaki, Secretary General, to help address the crisis situation in the country”.

He also indicated that the delegation will meet several Sudanese leaders from different components in order to support efforts to overcome the current political crisis, in light of the signed agreements governing the transition period.

Negotiations falter

Arab delegation meetings in Khartoum today come after two sources in the government of ousted Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok reported efforts to resolve have failed, with security forces tightening measures imposed on him. They pointed out that such restrictions further limited his ability to hold meetings or conduct political contacts.

They also explained that the negotiations to find a solution to the political crisis had come to a “semi-blind alley “, after the army refused to return before the exceptional measures announced last month (October 25, 2021).

It is interesting to note that on October 25 the commander of the Sudanese army announced the dissolution of the government and the Sovereign Council and the imposition of a state of emergency, following a campaign of arrests involving government ministers, officials and leaders of the Forces for freedom and change and even a number of parties, as well as Hamdok himself, before being released the next day.

Al-Burhan explained that the Prime Minister was in his hospitality after receiving news of security risks surrounding him.

hopes off

However, these steps by the military have sparked a wave of international criticism and condemnation, as well as a series of international and regional mediations and efforts to re-establish the partnership between the military and civilian components that have taken power in the country since 2019, after the removal of al-Bashir.

But those mediation efforts, in which the United Nations is also involved, have apparently faltered in the past couple of days, after optimism prevailed last week.

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