Al-Eryani: Houthi militia attack on Wonder System aims to steal food from the mouths of the hungry

Yemeni Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Muammar Al-Eryani, has condemned the assault and closure of the company “Prodigy Systems” by the Iranian-affiliated Houthi terrorist militia, the looting of its contents and the kidnapping of its director and a number of its employees, noting that it is a private electronic systems company operating in the field of follow-up for the projects of humanitarian and relief organizations, agencies in Yemen, and acts as a mediator between the international relief organizations and the local community, indicating that the looting of all computer and servers containing information on displaced and war-affected people in various governorates aims to prevent an independent investigation into those deserving of humanitarian aid and the displaced in the areas under its control. Al-Eryani added in a series of tweets on his account on the social networking site “Twitter”: this heinous crime reveals the insistence of the Houthi terrorist militia in seizing food and aid in money provided by UN organizations to the poorest groups, false statements on behalf of their leaders, steal food from the mouths of the hungry and harness to attract and mobilize combatants and finance what we call “the war effort.” Al-Eryani expressed his astonishment at the silence of the United Nations, the World Food Program and relief organizations and bodies in Yemen, on what was exposed to the company “Prodigy System”, inviting it to condemn it in clearly and explicitly, and to put real pressure on the Houthi militia to cease its interference in this humanitarian dossier and guarantees access to humanitarian aid to those who deserve it.