Al-Eryani: Houthi militia speech about military escalation against it confirms its defeats

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani said on Tuesday that the Houthi armed group leaders’ speech of a military escalation against it “confirms the failure of its plans.”

He added, through his account on “Twitter”, that this speech “is ridiculous and pathetic … as well as being an affirmation of the failure of his plans, his humiliating defeats, and the state of panic and fear he is experiencing. . “

He continued: “The Yemenis and the whole world are aware of the rejection of the pace by the Houthi militia, its weakening of all calm and ceasefire efforts in implementation of Iranian dictates, its quest for political and military escalation, in particular on the fronts of the Governorate of Ma’rib. , and its continuing terrorist attacks on civilian targets in liberated areas and surrounding areas. “

He said: “The international community, the United Nations, the United Nations and American envoys are required to realize these facts, provide real support to the legitimate government in the battles to restore the state and overthrow the coup, to exercise the utmost political pressure on the Houthi militia, to include it in the international terrorist lists and to impose severe sanctions on its leaders “.

After “Al-Arabiya” and “Al-Hadath” obtained a video from the Coalition to Support Legittimacy, revealing that the Houthi militia had transformed the Sanaa airport in a base for launching missiles and marches, Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani said on Monday that the video that the Coalition to Support Legitimacy had secretly uploaded confirms the transfer by the Houthi militia of a Sanaa airport, a military barracks for Hezbollah and Iran.

To this, he added, via his Twitter account, that the airport now includes “missile installation and equipment workshops with the participation of Hezbollah and Iranian experts”, referring to the Houthis’ use of United Nations aircraft. ” to simulate an interception and destruction scenario “, stating that this posed” a serious threat to the safety of aircraft and their crews “.

He also added that the Houthi militia is taking government headquarters, civilian and vital facilities, residential neighborhoods, homes, mosques and markets as “dens to store weapons and manage its terrorist activities”.

He stressed that this constitutes “a flagrant violation of international laws and agreements that criminalize the intrusion of civilians and put in I risk their lives. “

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