Al-Eryani: Iranian monitoring of the results of the Houthi summer camps

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani announced that the Quds unit terrorist officer Hassan Erlo is the one who die Monitoring results of training camps, die set up by the Iran-backed Houthi militia to serve dozens of thousands of children in the capital Sanaa and the areas it controls under the guise of “summer centers”.

Al-Eryani stated on Friday evening in a series of tweets on his Twitter page that die Houthi militia under Iranian supervision children in Training camp attracts, deforms their Yemeni and Arab identities, washes their thoughts and mobilizes them with the culture of death and slogans of hatred and sectarian terrorist ideas, die imported from Iran and in his absurd struggles are recruited to the Persian expansion project and ambitions in to serve the region.

And he published a video clip as a model for one of the results of the training camp, die set up by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.

The Yemeni Minister of Information called out die Citizen in the areas controlled by the terrorist Houthi militia to die Realize the reality of their dangerous sectarian project targeting Yemen as a country, people, identity, present and future.

He added: “The Houthi militia is just a dirty Iranian tool to implement the plan, and to spread chaos and terrorism in Yemen and the region die Yemenis as sacrifices to their masters in To please Tehran. “

Yemeni activists started a campaign under the hashtag: # Al-Houthi_traps_childhood, in who warned them of the targets of the Houthi militia from the summer centers die Children are attracted to participate in the fighting fronts and viewed this as a destruction of the Yemeni spirit and childhood.

Rashad Al-Sufi wrote: “If you hand your son over to the Houthi summer centers, it means you in Create an extremist terrorist and a time bomb in your home. He will treat you with disobedience and distract you because you do not believe in what he believes in deviant ideas. “

For his part, Yemeni journalist Abdul Karim Al-Mada said that “die Crimes by the Houthis against Yemeni children and youth and the right to childhood require all to unite to defend sectarian and racist terrorism and the culture of death, hatred and violence. “

He pointed out that “die Houthi summer centers are a destruction of the Yemeni spirit, tolerance, peace and a decent life … beware of them. ”

Dr. Muhammad Jumaih, in turn, said: “Abdul-Malik al-Houthi asks children to in to go to war to be martyrs. This one, who does not dare to give his speech except behind the screen, mobilizes die Children of Yemen to die also that he and his family die Enjoy the power and the wealth of the country! “

“Why does this person give in his basement does not set an example for her and goes around die To get testimony, die Jumaih asked.

As for the activist Hussein Aziz, he said in a tweet to him: “500,000 children are killed by the Houthi terrorist group in their ideological camps according to Iranian ideological foundations, die have nothing to do with Islam and the region, brainwashed. This is die next danger.

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