Al-Eryani: The Al-Houthi militia continues to evade the “SAFER” file

Still a crisis The ship “SAFER” The abandoned desert moored across from the port of Ras Issa in Hodeidah Governorate in western Yemen is a time bomb as maintenance ceased five years ago and there have been reports of the possibility of its explosion and causing the greatest environmental pollution in the disaster World that worries the Yemeni government.

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani said: “The Iran-backed Houthi militia continue to evade and manipulate the files. Oil tanker whistle Anchored across from the port of Ras Issa in the city of Hodeidah, it represents further obstacles and hindrances after it has withdrawn for the fourth time from an agreement that allows the arrival of the United Nations technical team and the task of assessing and maintaining the tanker .

Al-Eryani added in a series of tweets on Twitter on Friday that “the Houthi terrorist militia taking the oil tanker has whistled as a time bomb to blackmail the international community for political and material gain without the The dangerous consequences of tanker leakage, sinking or explosion must be taken into account, which confronts Yemen, the region and the whole world with an ecological, economic and humanitarian catastrophe. Immediate and unprecedented. “

He also asked: “Has the international community recognized that we are facing a terrorist militia whose slogan is death and which does not care about international decisions, and that the tanker uses the safer as a tool for pressure, blackmail and negotiation. ” the face of the legitimate government, the region and the world, regardless of the lives of Yemenis and the interests of Yemen, nor the disastrous consequences that will stretch for decades? “Come?”.

It is noteworthy that for two years now the United Nations has been trying to send a team of experts to visit the tanker, assess its status and carry out rapid maintenance in order to avoid a potential environmental disaster that affects not just the coasts of the Red Sea Countries bordering the sea affects Yemen.

However, the efforts of the United Nations, as usual, ran into Houthis problems at an estimated cost of $ 3 million.

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