Al-Eryani: The Iranian regime continues to flood Yemen with weapons and drugs

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani announced that naval forces in the port of Hadibo, Socotra governorate, in coordination with the security and intelligence services, they managed to seize an Iranian ship carrying drugs, which was in route to the Houthi terrorist militia, and this confirms the continuing dumping by the Iranian regime of Yemeni lands with shipments of weapons, drones and drugs.

Al-Eryani said Saturday in statements to the Yemeni news agency “Saba” that in recent years a number of Iranian ships and sailors involved in drug and drug trafficking have been seized and exploited as the main source of funding for their militias in in the region, including Lebanese Hezbollah and Houthis, and to lure young people into terrorist activities and to destroy energy and people in target countries.

drug trafficking networks

He also pointed out that the Houthi militia, under the supervision of prominent leaders, has set up drug trafficking networks with the aim of flooding Yemen with this scourge, using it as a source of funding for its subversive activities and attracting thousands of young people. tricked into joining his ranks, brainwashing them and throwing them as fuel for his absurd battles against the security and stability of Yemen and the region.

The international community, the United Nations, permanent members of the Security Council and envoys from the United Nations and the United States have called for a clear position on Iranian interference in Yemeni affairs and its continued smuggling of weapons and drugs in flagrant violation of international laws and statutes and Security Council Resolutions relating to the Yemeni crisis.

Yemeni-American coordination

Interestingly, security authorities in Al-Mahra governorate east of Yemen announced on Friday the seizure of an Iranian ship carrying narcotics in the port of Hadibo in the Socotra archipelago governorate.

The center media of the governorate said the ship was hijacked by the Coast Guard forces in the Socotra archipelago, after joint coordination between the Yemeni security services and the United States Navy.


Interestingly, the Yemeni government has always confirmed that Iran is tirelessly trying to flood Yemeni lands with drugs as part of its strategy to kill Yemeni and tamper with the security and stability of the region.

During the last period, drug trafficking has seen a large flow through smuggling routes to Houthis-controlled areas. Meanwhile, the Yemeni security forces managed to seize dozens of cargoes in several governorates.

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