Al-Fath has overcome circumstances and absences and the crescent has measured out the groans

Al-Fateh’s team scored an exciting and well-deserved victory against their host Al-Hilal in home and among his fans, 3-2, in the meeting that brought them together yesterday in Malaz for the 14th round of the championship.

It was the possession and access to Al Hilal’s team, which had the advantage, and although Al-Fateh’s team played in difficult circumstances in light of the infection of a large number of its players with the Corona virus, the team played in good style and consistently positioned himself in the face of Al Hilal’s continued attack from the sides and depth, and Al-Fateh’s counterattack and quick attacks posed a danger to Al Hilal, who first advanced through Karilus d ( 12) after a cross from Yasser Al Shahrani to bounce Al Fateh’s defense and send Carilo strong in net.

Al-Fateh quickly adjusted the score in the 15th minute with the brilliant Mourad Patna, after a ball lifted from the corner created a darbka in front of the goal.

In the second half, Al Hilal players raced to waste opportunities, and after Salem Al Dosari came under more pressure than Al Hilal, Salem lost an opportunity to a top scorer (57), and another from Saleh Al Shehri while alone with the goal exposed in front of him, and sometimes by Moussa Mariga, and in light of Fatah’s apostate attack, Algerian Sofiane Ben Debka scores the second, beautiful and wonderful goal after receiving a ball from Murad Bhatna, which was played by Ben Dabkeh, a scissor lift, to the left of the goalkeeper, who was content to watch her while she was in the net.

After goal, Al-Hilal felt threatened and attacked hard.From the attack, Muhammad Al-Qahtani lifted a ball that Al-Fath Koval’s goalkeeper was unable to catch, but escaped from his hand to find Gomez positioned to complete it inside the net as a second goal and Hilal equalized.

Following the quick rebound attack Al-Fateh and a ball with which Murad Batna penetrates more in depth inarea and is obstructed by player Musab Al-Juwair, the referee awarded her a penalty.

Al-Fateh nearly scored the fourth goal, but Al-Othman missed the chance as he faced the goal. With this result, Al-Fateh raised his score to 16th point to eighth place with 16 points, and Al-Hilal remained at 21st point.

In another match, Al-Fayhaa and Abha drew 0-0, increasing Al-Fayhaa’s score by point 20 and Abha by point 15.

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