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Al-Hajraf: The Cooperation Council is the pillar of security and stability and the pioneer of global development

His Excellency the Secretary General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Dr. Nayef Falah Mubarak Al-Hajraf, said that the Cooperation Council is a pillar of security and stability and a pioneer of global development. dictate or interfere in internal affairs and will work to protect results, maintain security and stability, and move forward with confidence and ambition.

During his visit to the headquarters of Mubarak Al-Abdullah College of Command and Joint Staff in the State of Kuwait today at Al-Mubarakiya Field, underlined the centrality of the Cooperation Council and its pivotal role in light of the changes and polarizations the world is witnessing, emphasizing that the Cooperation Council will work to serve the interests of its countries and citizens and strengthen its strategic partnerships in the political, military and economic fields.

He said: “The world is experiencing an unprecedented phase of uncertainty and lack of clarity imposed by the Corona pandemic and exacerbated by the political crises, military conflicts, economic challenges and regional conflicts we are experiencing today, which strongly confirms the world’s need of a voice of wisdom, stability, balance and development that represents the principles of the Cooperation Council and works to strengthen and mobilize them.” efforts around it, as an active partner at all levels and international and regional forums.

Your Excellency stressed that the world today is in dire need of promoting human values, principles of tolerance, respect for human rights and multiculturalism, protecting the value system and the family, and rejecting extremism and terrorism, which represent fundamental pillars of holiness through the course of the Cooperation Council based on the requirements of true law, customs and traditions, the requirements of international law, coexistence and pace in the world Everyone has mutual respect, protection and conservation for the good of humanity, its prosperity and stability.

Passed in it reviews the Cooperation Council’s achievements over the past four decades, the most important milestones and its contributions in the light of regional and international changes, recalling the concrete steps taken by the GCC countries to support their collective security.

Your Excellency underlined the elements of complementary strength enjoyed by GCC States that enable the Council to enhance its pioneering and developmental role towards achieving global development, while preserving the Council’s regional and international status and the its pioneering role in the promotion of pace and regional security, and to work on the stability of the region and what it represents as an essential factor for security and pace global.

It touched on the joint action areas of the Gulf and the work to implement the decisions of the Supreme Council and complete the implementation of the vision of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, which requires to focus on the completion of the customs union and the common market of the Gulf, with a focus on the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution and artificial intelligence, improving cyber security, protecting society and youth, and promoting a positive media message With a focus on the continuity of GCC countries’ investment in education and in human capital as one of the most important pillars of Gulf integration, he also stressed the need to build strategic relationships with international and regional countries and groups to strengthen the strategic position of the Council to serve its interests and maintain its security and stability.

Al-Hajraf concluded the conference with the need to invest in the future, build on constants and work to strengthen the leadership position of the Cooperation Council, in implementation of the directives of the leaders of the GCC countries.


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