Al-Harifi for Al-Nasr Management: The “Shellah” strategy does not bring championships

Fahd Al-Harifi, the former star of the team Al-Nasr, unveiled his team’s technical bug, especially after leaving the AFC Champions League yesterday, at the hands of his traditional rival, Al-Hilal, with a 1- 2 defeats in the semi-final of the competition. Al-Harifi said the reason for the victory lies in the lack of planning and the absence of a vision to build a team. in according to the positions it needs in field.

Al-Harifi said in a television interview that those who want to compete for the championships must have players of a specific style, in according to the needs of the team.

Al-Nasr continued, suffering from the absence of a number 6 player in the defensive axis, which constitutes the first defensive cover in front of the defense line, as well as the absence of a kinetic player in able to create game, and who can control the pace of the game in according to the needs of his team.

Al-Harifi indicated that Al-Nasr officials contracted with current foreign players without planning and most of the contracts were made in reckless way.

He added, for example, if the Nazarenes saw that a club wanted to sign a certain player, they would rush to sign this player, in “paralyzed” way, regardless of whether their team needs this player or not, and that’s a big deal, and the Nazarenes need to know that this strategy doesn’t bring championships and doesn’t make you a competitor for it.

Al-Harifi stressed that the decision in the victory is determined by the fans, and not by the management through a specific vision and thought, noting that the team has come out of last year’s version of the championship, with obvious mistakes, and today the same. mistakes are repeated, despite the large financial expense enjoyed by Al-Nasr Club.

Al-Harifi has called for a review of the contracts of the Al-Nasrawi team, starting with the upcoming winter contracts. Al-Harifi has given, for example, the management of the Al-Ittihad Club, which has diversified its contract with foreign professionals , in according to the needs of his team, so they brought Grohe, Hijazi and Cornado.

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