Al-Hilal’s strength overcomes Jardim’s mistakes and wins victory

Al Hilal qualified for the final of the AFC Champions League, proving to be the permanent ambassador of the countries of West Asia, being the most qualified of the last ten years. The match revealed the quality of Al Hilal players and their superiority over Al Nasr players.

The irony is that Al-Nasr’s coach Pedro Emmanuel has overtaken his compatriot Jardim, even though the former lost and the latter won. Pedro coped well with the shortage, it was in able to equalize with ten players, penetrated and created chances in front of Al Hilal’s goal.

On the other hand Jardim entered in match with a wrong recruitment of players, Salem Al-Dosari on the right side, whose danger appears on the left side, eliminating Al-Hilal’s attacking force and introducing Yasser Al-Shahrani to midfield, a modern full-back who skillfully masters the its roles.

And when the victory was shortened by the expulsion of Ali Lagami, Pedro did well, he closed thearea with the slaves and redistributed roles among the players.

As for Jardim, he remained a spectator, and kept the game as it was, and had to increase the offensive numbers, to close in advance on match, with the entry of Saleh Al-Shehri as a second striker. honor on the battalion of the chief.

Al-Shehri, who attended for a few minutes, caused concern among Al-Nassr’s defenders and needed more time, but Jardim lacks the courage.

Al-Hilal won, because his players overcame their coach’s mistakes before overtaking Al-Nassr, and were confident in their ability to win.

Salman Al-Faraj and with him Muhammad Kanoo managed to control the center, and Pereira participated in multiple roles, exhausting Al-Nasr players, and Mariga’s exit was effective, but after securing the match with a goal and got Lagami a yellow card. The meeting confirmed that Saudi football needs players of the champion of Mariga, Talisca and Pereira, who make the necessary technical contribution.

The party ended with a pure blue night, confirming the superiority of Al-Hilal over Al-Nasr in external participations, and that Al-Hilal is the strongest technically, so he won the match despite the mistakes of his coach and his lack of audacity.

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