Al Hilal’s wins against Istiklal surpass the Asian qualification

The successes of Al Hilal’s team did not stop by beating Estghlal Tehran with a clear brace in the match of the 16th round of the Asian Champions League, and qualifying for the quarter-finals of the tournament. After match held on Monday evening at the Zabeel Stadium of the Al Wasl Club in Dubai, the blue team has regained its famous splendor.

Al Hilal fans put their hand on their heart when they saw their team finish three round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup, after finishing two games with a well-deserved win, before stumbling into the third with a draw, especially after deals record made by Al Hilal in the summer market that has just ended and the engagement of the Portuguese coach Leonardo Jardim.

But in the Istiklal match in Dhahran, the players started to harmonize with Jardim’s technical style, and he too began to know the technical skills of his players. We found him pushing Moussa Mariga to the right, so his danger appeared in departure, passing and goal creation, and formed a very dangerous attacking front.

Brazilian Pereira also started to show some of his potential in the 10th position behind the striker, in turn in the making of the player, and his penetration into the box of operations, so he made a wonderful goal and almost scored another. .

Gomez has also regained his luster as a scorer, scoring from half chances and consciously moving within thearea of operations.

Al Hilal’s biggest gain from the Al-Istiklal match was the extraordinary brilliance of goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Mayouf, to whom Al-Hilal’s team owes the credit for this good result, having surpassed his goal with extraordinary valor and brilliance, which made him the undisputed first man of the match.

Al-Hilal’s earnings will double as matches unfold, and players will be more in tune in and will digest their coach’s style, in so that the leader remains an integrated team.

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