Al-Hodeidah . Houthi’s failure to fire a ballistic missile causes disaster among his militia

The unsuccessful launch of a ballistic missile die Putsch militia of the Houthis in the early hours of Monday morning killed and wounded dozen members of the Houthi militia at the launch site in the city of Hodeidah in western Yemen.

And die Military media of the joint armed forces reported that die Iranian militia failed to fire a ballistic missile from their control areas east of Kilo 16, northeast of the city of Hodeidah, at the same time as they announced they would attack Saudi Arabia with five ballistic missiles.

He confirmed that die Missile exploded at the launch site and the sound of the great explosion was heard by all residents of the city of Hodeidah and in terrified their ranks.

The explosion also lit the skies of the city’s north and east quarters.

The Houthi militia uses the commitment of the joint forces and the coalition to die Support legitimacy of the Stockholm Accords to turn Hodeidah into a platform for their attacks on Saudi Arabia, be it with ballistic missiles or booby-trapped boats on Iranian-made boats die Media of common forces.

The Coalition in Support of Legitimacy in Yemen announced that die Saudi air defense intercepted and destroyed 6 drones and 4 ballistic missiles from the Houthi militia within 48 hours, die all aimed at civilians and civilian objects in the south of the country.

In a statement pointed die Coalition die continued attempts by the Houthi militia to deliberately target civilians and civilian objects, and stressed that they are taking operational measures to protect civilians and deal with the immediate threat.

The coalition confirmed that die Efficiency of the Saudi air defense have foiled all enemy attempts against the kingdom and found that all attempts by the enemy militia to attack civilian objects and civilians have been repulsed and destroyed.

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