Al-Houthi dismisses the investigating judge with the kidnapped Yemeni artist

Yemeni media reported on Wednesday that die Houthi authorities dismissed the investigating magistrate in the case of artist and model Intisar Al-Hammadi amid his request to release her at the end of the week.

Kidnapped on February 20 die Houthi militia in Sana’a Al-Hammadi, a dramatic actress and young model with a Yemeni father and an Ethiopian mother. Since that date it has remained hidden before a widespread public pressure campaign was launched to expose its fate, die die Houthis forced it on die to expel justice controlled by them.

Lawyer and legal advisor Khaled al-Kamal stated, die with the Houthis in Sanaa-affiliated judicial authorities had dismissed the public prosecutor Riad Al-Eryani against the background of his work as head of the investigation into the case of the artist Intisar Al-Hammadi after his request for her release at the weekend.

The “Yemen Future” platform quoted the lawyer as saying that he had also received a threat in connection with his defense of the artist Al Hammadi. Probably the aim was to get him to withdraw from the follow-up to the case, which sparked a widespread local and international response.

The attorney reaffirmed his confidence “beyond any doubt” that his client Intisar Al Hammadi “was detained unjustifiably and without legal justification, in addition to the invalidity of the arrest and search procedures, die were carried out without an official arrest warrant “.

He pointed out that her imprisonment in the past time casts doubt on the possibilities of looking for other charges, die against his client, “despite the conviction of the dismissed investigating judge Riad Al-Eryani for her innocence and her colleague of any charges against her,” said Al-Kamal.

International and local human rights organizations say at least 300 Yemeni women and girls, including human rights activists and aid workers, have been living for months and years in languishing in the secret and public prisons of the Houthis.

Reportedly were die abducted women subjected to physical abuse, die War crimes and they have been subjected to sexual torture.

Reports confirm that more than a thousand women and girls have been arrested, kidnapped and tortured. Some of them were in Maliciously charged with prostitution and treason while other families were forced to pay a large ransom for die To pay for the release of their abducted daughters.

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