Al Houthi spokesman: We are ready for good relations with Saudi Arabia

Houthi militia spokesman Muhammad Abdul Salam confirmed the Houthis’ readiness for good relations with Saudi Arabia, and Abdul Salam Al Houthi added that the Omani mediator had been informed of their comments on the Saudi initiative.

The Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah announced a new peace initiative to end the Yemen war.

“The Saudi initiative provides for a ceasefire across the country under the supervision of the United Nations,” Bin Farhan said during a press conference.

He added that “the Saudi-led coalition will facilitate the blockade of the port of Hodeidah, tax revenue from the port will go to a joint bank account at the central bank,” and “the reopening of Sanaa airport by a specified number of times will enable direct regional and international goals. “

The minister noted that “the Saudi initiative includes resuming political talks to end the Yemen crisis” and stressed that “the ceasefire will begin as soon as the Houthis approve the initiative”.

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