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Al-Houthi’s Failed Attempts to Resolve Yemen’s Economic War

The Yemeni government has pledged to take all measures to organize and facilitate the flow of goods and commercial goods and to reduce the costs of transportation and insurance in the ports under its influence.

In a meeting today, Saturday, in the interim capital, Aden, the government confirmed its intention to take all measures to facilitate business and protect the private and commercial sector and importers from any extortion or pressure exerted on them by the Houthi terrorist militia.

He also pledged to thwart any attempts by the Houthi terrorist militia to turn the path of pace in an economic war aimed at aggravating the human tragedy of the Yemeni people, referring to the unilateral measures practiced by the Iranian-backed militia to prevent the arrival of commercial goods goods to the northern governorates, in order to put pressure on the merchants to import through the ports of Hodeidah.

He added: “Attempts by the Houthi terrorist militia to turn the via from the pace in an economic war aimed at deepening the tragedy of the Yemeni people will fail and that the government will fulfill all its duties to firmly address any illegal measures by the terrorist militia.”

The Yemeni cab has directed the implementation of procedures and measures that preserve public funds and implement government decisions regulating imports and comply with government obligations in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, including resolutions of the United Nations United States and international organizations relating to the ban on the import and sale of Iranian oil.

The cab also expressed Yemen’s appreciation for the leadership and rule of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for placing one billion dollars as a deposit for the Central Bank of Yemen, as part of its commitments and continued efforts to provide generous and generous support to the Yemeni people in various circumstances and conditions.. emphasizing that this support is an important step in preserving the stability of the national currency, strengthening central bank reserves and stabilizing the economy.

The Cab reviewed the Defense Minister’s report on developments on the ground and the military situation on the battlefronts against the Houthi terrorist militia, and the high readiness to deal with any Houthi escalation until the restoration of the state is completed and the end of the coup.


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