Al-Ittihad continues his launch and takes the lead with an exciting trio in the sub

Al-Ittihad’s team continued their progress, progress, hold and firmly on the throne of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League – this came after his tenth, large and exciting victory over his visiting team and counterpart Al -Batin with three goals to two goals 3-2 in the opening matches of the fifteenth round – in the match that brought them together on the ground of the Al-Batin Club stadium in Hafr Al-Batin, in a cold atmosphere – and it was a good first half from the two teams with a relative advantage for the Al-Ittihad team in terms of access and danger – and Al-Batin was the initiator of the attack and reached the goal of Al-Ittihad – and Al-Batin advanced first scoring with Mauricio Antonio in the fourth minute After a ball lifted from the corner from Hilal Soudani, but Al-Ittihad defender Ziyad Al-Sahafi didn’t cope well with his ejection, so Antonio completed it in February as Batnawi’s first goal – and quickly the Brigadier returned quickly and adjusted Abdulaziz Al-Bishi’s result in the eighth minute after a ball played from the left, presented by Hamdan Al-Shamrani inside.area to find Abdulaziz Al-Bishi winks at him with his foot and makes his way up the guard road as the goal of a federal draw – after the match has calmed down relatively and as Al-Ittihad has had more presence and access at goal and lost more than one opportunity to score from Aaron Camara, Romarinhio and Cornardo

In the second half: – There was no change in the ranks of the two teams, even in style and method, and they swapped roles in diversifying the attack and reaching the goal, even though Al-Ittihad was the more and he had more than one opportunity to score Ahmed Hegazy as well as Cornardo – Good attempts by Fabio Abru, Rayhi and Badr Nasser

Following the attack and continuous attempts by Al-Ittihad – in the 71st minute and a long throw from Cornado in depth, Bruno Henrique with his head hit Al-Batin defender Mohamed Nagy and made his way in goal as a second federal goal – Al-Batin manager makes several offensive changes to alter the result, and Al-Batina came back and attacked and stayed And in the 83rd minute, Muhammad Rayhi fires a surface-to-air missile that it is not blocked or from outside area, Marsilio Grohe could not reply, to enter in goal as a very nice goal – after the game has relatively calmed down by both teams – and in the 93rd minute and from a long pass played by Al-Aboud inside thearea and at Darbeka In front of the goal, Harun Kamara completes it as a third federal goal – with which the referee Sami Al-Jeris announces the end of the match – and ittihad wins the tenth place and firmly leads the standings with thirty-two points in first place – while Al-Batin remained in the fourteenth point in the fourteenth place.

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