Al-Ittihad is preparing to officially announce the renewal of Saud Abdul Hamid’s contract

The management of the club Al-Ittihad has entered into an agreement with Saud Abdul Hamid to renew the player’s contract for a period of three years, in exchange rate of 5 million riyals per season. Al-Madina confirmed two months ago that the renewal of the contract is a common desire between the management and the player, that the renewal is paid. It is expected that the management of the Al-Ittihad Club will officially announce the renewal of the Saud contract. On the other hand, the first mission of the football team to the Al-Ittihad Club reaches the city of Jeddah, this Friday evening, coming from Austria, after the end of the team’s field in the Austrian city of Libon, which lasted for 16 days , during which the team played three friendlies, the team has a career in championship.

Ziad Al-Sahafi, who is still receiving his treatment program in France will be absent from Al-Ittihad early in his career in championship.

On the other hand, the Federal Administration is stepping up in his efforts these days to complete the financial efficiency file, and is about to complete it in to a large extent, having paid most of his financial obligations, provided that all documents for obtaining a certificate of competence are ready by August 21, in so that the club can register his specific players before the start of the championship, in particular Igor Cornado and Osama Al-Marmash.

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