Al-Ittihad scores six … and Coronado scores 10 out of 10

Al-Ittihad’s team dominated the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup rankings, following his thrilling victory over his host Abha 6-1, in the presence of a large audience, in a match that saw the brilliance of the Coronado star after putting his score on 4 goals, scoring the first, and making the second, third and fourth, to lift Brigadier general scored 9 points in first place.

A pleasant and beautiful first half that saw the realization of 4 goals, and the performance of the Union was characterized by enthusiasm, spirit, desire and closeness of rank and did not leave any space for the Abha players, who tried to reach the finish line of the Dean running in forward without concentration, which left some gaps in his defenses, which allowed Cornado to open the scoring with a shot from distance adjusted in the left corner of Abdel-Aali Mohammadi d’s goal (21).

Al-Ittihad continued his fanaticism and the impressive tactical performance of his new coach Cosmin, led by field star Cornado, who flew and shot and gave his colleagues balls from right, left and depth, and one of them Romarinho added the second goal of the Federation after receiving a ball in depth from the Coronado star, to be shot from Rome in network d (40). .

Two minutes later, the answer came straight away from Abha’s side, with a strong shot from Saad Baqir, to Al-Najjar’s left, as the first goal.

A corner kick was perfectly executed by Cornado on the head of Hamdan Al-Shamrani, who transformed in door, a third goal for the brigadier general (44).

In the second half, Abha tried to reduce the result, and got two dangerous chances, with Bakir making a fixed shot in the left corner, but Al-Najjar was good at stopping him and Omar Al-Ruwaili scissoring the other neighbor. to the pole. .

And soon Al-Ittihad returned to impose his pace on the match, distinguishing himself by possession, spread and positioning, while Al-Bishi lost the opportunity of the fourth goal after aiming a ball that hit the crossbar, and another Al-Aboud’s chance in front of the goal, but Al-Mohammadi blocked his ball.

Fahd Al-Muwallad led a federal attack and passed a ball to stationed Cornado, who skillfully passed it to Romarinho, bypassing the goalkeeper and depositing the ball in net (80).

Fahd Al-Mawlid scored after scoring his fifth goal with a shot from inside thearea D (89).

Kamara ended the goal party by scoring the sixth goal after Fahd led a counterattack which passed to substitute Abdul Rahman Al Yami, who threw the ball and passed it to Kamara alone, who put it in net (90 d).

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