Al Jaber: Al-Houthi’s recognition requires international responsibility

The Ambassador of the Kingdom in Yemen, Muhammad Al Jaber, called on the United Nations and the international community to hold the Houthi coup militia responsible for terrorist attacks and crimes and not to tolerate them because they pose a threat to international security and encourage other terrorist organizations to do the same, and said the recognition of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia Targeting civilian sites in the Kingdom and the UAE is a terrorist act.

He stressed in a series of tweets on Twitter, “Houthi militia confession is a repeated and deliberate terrorist act in the same pattern in targeting civilian structures in Saudi Arabia and on civilian ships in the Red Sea, and in the same manner and behavior of al-Qaeda and the terrorist Daesh after each terrorist operation they carry out “, noting that these repeated Houthi terrorist attacks and crimes with Iranian weapons against civilian targets (residential neighborhoods , civil airports, economic structures .) require responsibility.

On Monday, the Abu Dhabi Police confirmed the outbreak of a fire, which caused the explosion of 3 oil tankers carrying oil gas in thearea Musaffah’s ICAD 3, near the ADNOC tanks, plus a minor fire incident in the new area construction of Abu Dhabi International Airport and the fire killed 3. Two “Indian and Pakistani” people were injured and 6 were injured in the explosion of fuel tanks in Abu Dhabi and the Preliminary investigations indicated that small flying objects, possibly belonging to drones, were detected that had fallen in the two areas that could have caused the explosion and fire.