Al-Jada Health Center provides its services to 5,610 beneficiaries within a week

Al-Ja’dah Health Center clinics in Medi district of Yemen’s Hajjah governorate provided treatment services to 5,610 beneficiaries in the period December 14-20, 2022, with support from King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action.

667 beneficiaries visited the emergency outpatient clinic, 293 beneficiaries visited the internal medicine clinic, 112 beneficiaries visited the reproductive health clinic, 75 beneficiaries the surgery and medication department, 597 clinical epidemic patients, 5 patients the reference medical clinic, 272 patients the pediatric clinic, 3 patients the obstetrics department, while the drugs were dispensed to 1,204.82 people used the radiology department and 281 laboratory tests were carried out, while the department awareness and training surveyed 2,019 patients.

As part of the accompanying services, the Nursing Service visited 573 people, while 3 waste disposal activities were carried out.